Insignia Crew is an MCA certified placement agency

We work with some of the worlds’ most prestigious expedition and superyachts on the water today.

We understand that in today’s modern yacht industry you can expect the very best in technology,
design and cruising capabilities from the vessels you command;
e believe you deserve the same high standards from the crew who serve under you.

Captains  |  Chief Officers  |  Engineers  |  Medics  |  Deck  |  Interior

We naturally focus on presenting former Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Fleet Auxiliary personnel, whose maritime skill sets perfectly match the needs of today’s luxury expedition and superyacht industry.

Due to the unique nature of our proposition, we also attract very high calibre candidates who do not carry an Armed Forces background.
We happily represent these selected candidates who bring their own individual skills, experience and attributes to sea appointments.



Have an inherent understanding of:

  • Life at sea
  • Long term overseas employment
  • The ability to adhere to and carry out instructions
  • Rank structure and its importance
  • Teamwork
  • Commitment
  • Discretion
  • Loyalty
  • Resilience

Hold additional skill sets:

  • Advanced medical training
  • Commercial and or advanced PADI divers, water sports and personal fitness instruction
  • EOOW, Y tickets and MEOL
  • AV, IT and communications understanding
  • Aviation operations
  • Extreme cold weather operational understanding [IMO Polar Code]
  • Drone pilots and videography
  • SIA Close Protection




Over recent years, there has been a surge in positive attitudes about the importance of physical and mental well-being in the workplace and its role in creating resilience within individuals.

Our market leading proactive course builds crew resilience to stress & potentially traumatic events, enabling them to peer deliver support onboard.

Proactive not reactive.
Build crew resilience to stress and potential trauma BEFORE it takes place.

Those trained in CRT provide a confidential onboard ‘go to’ peer to peer resource and support.

Resilient crew deliver lasting results through better performance, focus and efficiency.


CRT is available online or delivered direct to yacht – worldwide.



At an STCW convention in 2010 it was rightly recognised that amendments to the STCW Convention and Code 1978, should introduce new requirements for leadership and management training – HELM.

Although the mandatory HELM course(s) undoubtedly offer instruction and understanding, we launched our Leadership Programme due to receiving consistent feedback from senior crew members wishing to develop their Leadership skills by partaking in a programme which exceeds what the latter sometimes lacks. 

Our programme is delivered by trained, experienced and award-winning Consultants all of whom have held accountable pressurised operational leadership roles (UK Special Forces, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines), in challenging situations within varying environments, worldwide.

Mandatory courses can sometimes be delivered as a ‘box ticking’ exercise.  Our programme is for crew who are proactively seeking tuition to help them enhance their skills, to be an outstanding performer, who want to go above and beyond and who value the importance good leadership brings to operating a yacht successfully.

Available online, via virtual classroom or delivered direct to yacht worldwide (Covid restrictions dependent).




We are able to deploy crisis response professionals in support of yachts who have succumbed to a traumatic event, they can deliver post incident care, counselling and ongoing assistance.

Our crisis response professionals are arguably some of the most experienced Consultants in the world, all of whom have worked globally and can be deployed at short notice.

  • Loss of a crew or guest member
  • Accident at sea
  • Hostage situation
  • Terrorist incident
  • Shoreside trauma
  • Forced lockdown and isolation

We offer this important support when required or as a retained service.


We are always keen for yachts to take advantage of the many benefits our Green candidates have to offer, nearly all carry a range of additional skills and qualifications, underpinned by experience which is rarely found amongst other entry level crew.

We have personally mentored and guided them during their transition from the Armed Forces into the industry, they are fully qualified, briefed and eager to start their chosen second career.

To encourage uptake and to do more in direct support of these outstanding individuals, we are pleased to offer you this proposal….. 

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